WireWorks: TOGETHER...

Second one is out! :) Things are coming together quite well :).

This time copperwire, stripped old electric wire, was added in the carrier, bits of broken carglass glass, nice 'n shiny :) and I came across a handfull of sample-pieces of fabric which also found there way in there. A tiny bit of (a former filmprop) net-curtain which will show more of itself in a later piece. Some used and dried teabagpapers, a stick, some rope and they're all happy together.

The title came wen it was finished. I thought, all different bits of fabric 'n stuff all supporting/holding up he same thing... if we, people, could do this for humanity? All together. Celebrate the difference, we're all made of the same stuff :)

CLICK here to go to galerie http://www.day4art.nl/kunstwerk/133899732_TOGETHER.html#.U42ODnZkwnF